Friday, August 22, 2014

Lawyers, the original MMA fighters.

Lawyers...are they the original MMA fighters? When I think of the lawyers that I know, I see smart and passionate defenders...fighters who defend/protect others and the law with veracity and courage.  But what would they look like if you took away the suits, the cordial demeanor, the diplomatic decisions and completely removed the respectful professionalism?

Standing up in real controversy, whether it is psychological, social, or political takes real moxie. Are lawyers the original MMA (Mixed Mental Arts) fighters?

We represent clients with a variety of interests. Their interests pose another layer to the controversy. Is it greedy to demand your inheritance?  Is it arrogance to fight a clause of a contract no one deliberated at signing? Is it appropriate to have a jury decide your fate if you know you are guilty? 

Like it or not, these things need to be resolved in a complex society.  Each person who has a case or controversy needs to be able to get to resolve the matter.  Everyone instinctively needs to figure out what is theirs and protect it. To do otherwise would create a conflict in our minds. Who wants to be at war with their minds? And who better to protect what is yours than an original MMA fighter?

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  1. So many complex problems these days. Yes, lawyers are mixed mental arts fighters and thank heaven for them.